CHOOSE the New approach proposed by Almax Mori

What are we talking about

Today extrusions can know if a profile can be extruded and also accurately estimate with which total scrap it can be produced before the die has been ordered; this is giving a big advantage to the whole supply chain reducing significantly both transformation costs and time to market.

Choosing the new approach proposed by Almax Mori, extrusions do not have surprises in terms of profitability once upon long term supply contracts have been signed cause the recovery factor can be estimated with a good level of accuracy at the feasibility stage.

Working in this way means reducing the gap between estimated production costs and effective production costs thus beating competition in a more and more competitive and demanding transportation market. It is implied in this discussion that even with this new approach extrusions will still have to deal with downstream operations to supply the requested aluminum section; puller, water quenching and air cooling can have a big influence in the production recovery of an extrusion line even if temperature management and die construction are the state of the art.


The engineering approach to profile feasibility is breaking with the most common practices; it is at the design stage of the aluminum section that the die vendor is directly involved and not only at the commissioning stage.

Assessment of seamweld

Die engineering at the inquiry stage

Profile otpimization using FEA

Tool cassette architecture

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