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Aluminium is one of the most used in modern construction projects because of its numerous advantages over competing materials.

What are we talking about

Aluminium is one of the most used in modern construction projects because of its numerous advantages over competing materials. The high strength-to-weight ratio of aluminium minimises the load on a building’s supporting structure. The all-important weight saving and therefore material saving, minimises cost-to-weight and amount of material. Aluminium could make your buildings lighter, stronger and less expensive to build. As well as being naturally corrosion resistant, Aluminium can be anodized or painted giving even more durability. Aluminium also allows increased design flexibility with infinite colours, styles, finishes and coatings available to an architect, engineer or building contractor.g and constructions will continue to be the first application for aluminum extrusions.
Approximately 75 % of aluminium construction products ever made are still in use today, lowering the environmental impact of aluminium enormously.

Thanks to our dies, through the extrusion process aluminum can be formed in the most varied forms, finding application in the construction, transport and industry sectors in general.
With our job aluminum takes shape allowing our dreams to come true.

Services at Your Service

Die Correction Support

The feedback process between extrusions and die vendor is an essential part of their cooperation. Scan the QR code on the die print and follow the instructions, it's simple as described.


The engineering approach to profile feasibility is breaking with the most common practices; it is at the design stage of the aluminum section that the die vendor is directly involved and not only at the commissioning stage.


The global pandemic of 2020 has prompted us to review the tools for sharing and updating new technologies with our customers. Our business development director Eng. Tommaso Pinter is the author of a monthly series of webinars reserved for current and potential customers.

Technical Training

Our extrusion specialists are available to personalize periodic training cycles in remote and training days at the extrusion premises.


We can support extrusions in the engineering and manufacturing of tool cassette thanks to more than 30 years of experience in the field and close cooperation with extrusion plant suppliers.

3D Scanning

Using state of the art milling is a guarantee that our dies are manufactured according to your requests. What’s more? With our 3D scanning department we can certify that the tool produced is true to the 3D model.

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