Sectors in which We Work

Building & Construction

Aluminium is one of the most used materials in modern construction projects because of its numerous advantages over competing materials. Through the extrusion process aluminum can be formed in the most varied forms allowing high design flexibility while its high strength-to-weight ratio minimizes the load on a building’s supporting structure.


The use of aluminium extruded profiles in the transportation sector is a guarantee of low weight, high energy absorption and good formability. Extruded aluminum is one of the main materials used in the construction of train, bus, trailer and truck bodies. Aluminum is also a great choice for the marine and offshore environment thanks to its corrosion resistance.


Aluminium is used in many applications as heat sinks, bus bars, gear pumps and electric motors. Aluminium can be formed into an endless number of shapes. Aluminium is suitable for both indoor or outdoor applications, as it is resistant to rust. It is also durable, easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance.


Aluminum is the fastest growing automotive material. Extrusions currently account for 10% of aluminum content in vehicles and chassis applications represent one of the key growth areas together with safety systems and battery housings for electric vehicles.

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